What to expect when coming to one of our epoxy workshops:

Your epoxy piece will not be ready for pick up until the next afternoon due to the cure time for

epoxy (which is 8 hours). 

You get to design your own piece with either a beach or wave.  One wave color. And four colors for the geo table. 

We do supply multiple different color grains of sand and shells. You may bring in things to add to

your piece. Examples we've had so far are a pet's ashes, shells from a hometown beach, memory shells/sand from vacations. 

We provide proper PPE and teach and speak more on our epoxy and safety.

Class is 45 minutes long due to the worktime of our epoxy. 

We do offer travel parties up to a 300-mile radius and charge a dollar per mile to

the location from our store. 

Redemption DesignZ is open in the Salmon Run mall located 

next to Verizon and Best Buy.

Epoxy Craft Workshops

Ocean Art in resin.jpg

Our epoxy workshops & schedule

*All workshops are 45 minutes due to the working time of epoxy*

  • Ocean Epoxy Workshop $70 -  18 inch wooden round, choice of one wave color. In this workshop, you'll learn how to mix epoxy, mix color. You'll also learn how to pour and blend. You'll learn the technique to make this ocean effect.    This is every Saturday and Sunday at @1:30 pm in the salmon run mall located next to Verizon and best buy.


  • Geo table workshop $90.00, the table is a 22 inch round table. This is a multi-colored design. You'll learn how to mix and pour epoxy along with the technique used to blend. This workshop is every Sunday @ at 11:30 am.

  •  Mini epoxy ocean Class $45, includes an 8 by 8 wooden frame and all the materials for the project as well as being able to learn how to mix epoxy and colored pigments. 

Disclaimer: We keep you safe by providing gloves and a mask as well as a properly ventilated space.  However, if you have asthma, heart condition or cancer, or any serious health issues, you should consult with your physician before attending our workshops. 

We have hosted date nights, a girl's day out, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, baby showers, and an afternoon day of fun!